PGA Golf and other Sport

Stanley Bishop, a president of The PGA of America and an
aggressive and profound leader, announced that the PGA's moving to a $10
million purse, the pool of prize money available to golfers in a professional
tournament. As AllGreen Grass, Inc., a leader in artificial grass
manufacturing since 2009, continues following the PGA Golf of America - an
organization of golf professionals.
According to the SB Nation, the purse has an a $2 million
increase from last year, which set the bar for all the other majors golf
tournaments, such as Masters, U.S. Open and British Open, to bump their purses
from last year's $8 million total. This announcement definitely that upset the
synergy of having all four majors golf leads pay out the same amount,
consequently the rest of major golf organizations increased their purses this
year to at least $9 million, but none matched the $10 million commitment by the
PGA last year. In addition to the big boost to the winner's earnings, the $10
million purse also means that the second-place finisher takes home seven
figures of the price money. The PGA golf leaderboard shows a mashed lower
pay-off for the inferior places, but should someone separate himself into solo
second, he'll earn a $1.08 million check. That's $700k less than the winner, still
an enormous profit for not even winning a tournament.

The source of the most of the pool of the money, the purse,
comes from different TV networks that broadcast PGA Golf tournaments. According
to an article in Forbes, major TV network provides 60 percent of each
tournament's purse. The rest of 40 percent of the prize money is provided by
the tournament's sponsors, who range from golf clubs and equipment, golf
courses to organizations such as AllGreen Grass, who produces highest quality
synthetic grass. The sponsors typically take in revenue from sources such as product
advertising, ticket sales, quest parking and franchises, from which they hope
to pay their share of the purse, with something left over as profit. Then the
shares are divided amon the winners. Each successive place down the line
receives a smaller piece of the pie. Typically, each golfer who makes the final
tournament's cut earns some of the prize money. On the Champions Tour the
champion receives 15 percent of the purse. In European Tour the winning player
will reserve 16.67 percent of the purse. As of 2012, no regular tournament on
the PGA Tour offers a purse of less than $1 million. The lowest-paying event on
the official PGA Tour calendar is the ADT Skills Challenge, with a total purse
of $800,000. Each of the four major tournaments, such as U.S. Open, Masters,
British Open and PGA Championship -- offer purses of $8 million, with $1.44
million going to the winner.
In AllGreen Grass, Inc. we report that
according to financial data the revenue that two other field sports, American
Football and Baseball, are less overall accumulate than PGA Golf tournaments do.
For instance, NFL Super Bowl is the most popular world of sponsorship that
pools the prize money for the winning team. The Super Bowl is TV advertising's
biggest and most expensive stage, hitting only around $4 million per 30-second
spots this year. Consequently, Major League Baseball hopping to reach $9
billion in 2014 for their main sponsorship revenue. Either way, Global
Syn-Turf, Inc. hopes to support our country's favorite sports teams in the


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