Can You Tell Real or Fake? 19 out of 20 people make a mistake...

Take a look at the picture above. Is the lawn real or fake? 19 out of 20 people make a mistake. Test yourself.

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Ways to Conserve Water with Fake Grass

Gardeners like you can now start saving water through the use of artificial grass for their landscapes as replacement for the natural grass. The usual lawn is short, green and lush. When the weather is hot, natural grass should be paid with more attention and care. There is the need for more water, which means you will be spend more on your water bills for your lawn when the summer time kicks in. During this season, it has to be watered and maintained frequently and you may need to do it every day, perhaps.

When the weather is warm, the natural grass should be watered more often so as to keep the soil moist and to keep the grass in their healthy and good condition. If there is no adequate supply of water, chances are that your lawn will be in bad state as the soil would dry out and this will prevent the root zone of the grass from absorbing the essential nutrients from the soil. In times that there is no ample of supply of water, but you want to keep a beautiful landscape at home, you should turn to this option. Artificial grass will always make your lawn attractive throughout the year without commanding you to water and maintain it often.

With fake grass, you will never have to water your lawn. You don't need to install running sprinklers of water or any water watering systems that may cost you more. You will only need to clean and maintain the grass for some time throughout the year. Thus, your lawn will always look great and beautiful day and night, and whether it rains or shines.

If you're concerned regarding the environment or you just like to lessen your monthly utility bills, finding great ways to conserve water is the best place to begin. For more people, changing from the natural grass lawn to the synthetic ones is a way wherein they prefer to save water. You might not realize just how many water it needs to keep your landscape looking green and healthy yet when you see and realize the difference.

Saving water is more than a personal cost concern. It also helps to conserve the environment. It is fundamentally a desert which has been flooded with water-consuming lawns and swimming pools. The arrival of deviant moisture within the area has made the weather change and through switching to an artificial lawn, you are doing what you can do to help change this back.

One of the major reasons why it took time for the synthetic lawn to gain popularity and recognition is that the old-fashioned ones did not look much the same with the natural grass. There are some brands that were little more than green-painted spongy turf. There are some that are with blades which were very rough so they can cause abrasions and scratches once they come to contact with your skin. Today, artificial grass is very much appreciated by most homeowners and even business owners today.

To sum it up, artificial grass can help you save water in these ways:

  • It does not need to be watered so you can save thousands of gallons of water every year
  • There is no need to use any watering system that you usually need for keeping the natural grass healthy and in good condition
  • Since it is made from a synthetic material, you will not have to water it every day. Your time and energy is also saved.
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Artificial Turf is a Hit Among High School Baseball Teams

Artificial turf is a new hit among baseball players. One
high school team in Nevada had artificial turf installed in their baseball
field and the players and coach love it. It cost the school a quarter of a
million dollars to install the turf. This initial cost will be recouped later
on in money they save on maintenance.
The coach says that he's wanted to install
the artificial turf in the baseball field for years.
The main reason they installed the artificial turf is the
weather. During the stormy spring season, for example, the team had to spend
countless hours waiting for the field to be repaired after rainfall. Now that
they have artificial turf installed, they can be playing on the field in as
little as an hour after rainfall.
The players love it too. The shortstop says that the
artificial turf gives the field a uniform surface so that he can anticipate
where the ball is going to go and how it will bounce on the field. No more bad
hops. Also, when sliding into the base, he says it's like sliding on really
nice grass every time.
The coach expects the artificial turf field to last 12 to 14
years. ...
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School Sells Ad Space on Field Surface to Pay for Synthetic Turf

For many high schools, installing synthetic turf gives their teams a competitive edge. The synthetic turf surface allows them to practice on the field 365 days a year, no matter the weather conditions, and habituates them to playing on a surface material that is quickly becoming the standard material in high school sports. However, installing the synthetic turf in the field can be prohibitively expensive for many high schools.

A high school in Belleville, IL, has taken a novel approach to raising the necessary funds to pay for their new synthetic turf field. The high school has sold ad space on the surface of the field itself to local companies. The field currently has 20 ads displayed in panels in the synthetic turf itself, including a local Chick-Fil-A. Additional funding for the synthetic turf field came from clubs and donations.

The ad panels are currently sold for five-year periods, and when the companies want to remove the ads, all the high school has to do is cut out the turf with the ad display on it and replace it with a synthetic turf that matches the color of the rest of the field, or replace it with a new ad-paneled synthetic turf.

It's a proven effective option of raising money to pay for synthetic turf fields that you may want to propose at your next school board meeting.

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Synthetic Turf Field Politics

The controversy around crumb rubber infill continues as a new in-depth piece in the USA Today was published today surveying the political dispute occurring between school synthetic turf sports field superintendents, environmental agencies, and consumer protection agencies.

On the one hand, the Consumer Product Safety commission is being criticized for publishing a headline in 2008 proclaiming that synthetic turf with crumb rubber infills was "OK to install, OK to play on," despite the fact that the tests they had conducted were not conclusive.

Furthermore, the Environmental Protection Agency has historically supported the use of crumb rubber infills in synthetic turf fieldsd in their effort to recycle old car tires. Due to recent political pressure, they have stated that the safety of such rubbers is not conclusive.

And on the other hand, schools are reticent to allow their turf fields to be tested for fear of negative publicity and having to pay to have their turf fields replaced, which costs more than $1 million, if the tests prove that the fields are harmful to children.

And on still another hand, the Synthetic Turf Council have touted the obvious benefits of synthetic turf, reduced maintenance costs and water savings, etc.

It seems that the debate around synthetic turf crumb rubber infill will just have to continue until conclusive tests have been completed.

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Londoners Evangelize Artificial Grass

Artificial grass isn't catching on in just the United States -- it is a worldwide phenomenon. According to The Telegraph, fake products are becoming popular in all sorts of verticals. Other verticals include the flower market for special occasions. In the UK, fake flowers are becoming a common gift on such holidays as Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. In just the past year, one individual flower seller claims that his sales of fake flowers have increased by 71 percent.

Reasons for the increased sales of artificial flowers is that they are hypoallergenic, and also that the technologies have simply taken a quantum leap in the past few years. Gone are the silk flowers, and in are the new plastic versions which can be cleaned with water without damage.

Naturally, artificial grass is becoming mainstream as well. More and still more UK homeowners are converting their hard-to-maintain, filled-with-dead-grass lawns with maintenance-free artificial grass products. Besides, a common after effect of installing the artificial grass in their yards is the desire to bring others into the artificial grass fold! Apparently, once they install artificial grass in their yards, they tend to make an effort in convincing their friends and neighbors to convert their yards, too. Once you discover something good, you want to share it with the world!

March 13, 2015   |   Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Fake Grass, Synthetic Grass, Artificial Lawn, Synthetic Turf, Synthetic Lawn

Prep that Base!

The base is installed primarily for drainage and to provide a solid foundation for the artificial turf. ...
February 27, 2015   |   Artificial Grass, Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Turf, Fake Grass, Fake Grass, Fake Grass, Fake Grass, Synthetic Grass, Synthetic Grass, Artificial Lawn, Artificial Lawn, Synthetic Turf, Synthetic Turf

Artificial Grass - Order Free Samples

AllGreen Grass has unveiled new advanced artificial grass products this week. Combining the latest developments in the synthetic turf technology with proprietary core nylon and a high tenacity monofilament, has developed a line of new products that offer the increased power with the longer life-span. The company has the largest inventory of the synthetic grass in the United States, the widest variety of artificial grass, and one of the strongest landscaping networks in the country. Not the number of products in catalog made it beyond the number sixty.
For partners, it means that the time to order new samples is up. Did you order free samples? If not, give us a call today.
Today, many customers are asking about a puppy. The answer is - "No." Unfortunately, we can't ship your order of samples with a puppy. But you can visit him (or her) at any time: ...
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Water Conservation

Water conservation includes the strategies, policies and
activities to manage sweet water as a sustainable resource, to protect the
water environment, and to equal current and forward human claim. Population,
household bulk and augmentation and plenty all affect how much water is used.
One ground conservation goal is total rhythm. The reign of residential water
metering serves significantly worldwide.
Factors such as climate change will increase grievance on
regular water resources especially in manufacturing and agricultural
irrigation. Also, available in our modern circle is wet cephalon that help
reduce wasting water, antique shower unit are said to custom 5-10 gallons per
Recent stimulus have estimated that water supplies are
measured in less than 30% of UK households and nearly 61% of urban Canadian
homes (as of 2001). Although concrete water meters have often been considered
impractical in homes with personal wells or in multifamily buildings, the U.S.
Water metering would benefit connection in the long go it is proven that water
measure increases the efficiency of the entire water system, as well as prevent
supervacaneous outlay for individuals for ages to arrive. Environmental
Protection Agency estimates that the poem alone can reduce consumption by 20
percent up to 40. In addition to raising destroyer awareness of their water
application, metering is also a momentous way to identify and territorialize
water percolation. One would be unable to cheerless water except they are
willing to punish the sundries enjoin, this way the water department would be
qualified to monitor water experience by public, intestine and manufacturing
services. New technology poses a few new preference for consumers, features
such and full bright and behalf glow when using the toilet are trying to make a
dispute in water consumption and waste.
All recent fixtures available are said to interest 2.5
gallons per minute and undertake proportionate water coverage. For hunting crop
irrigation, ideal water efficiency contemptible minimizing losses that occur
because of evaporation, subsurface drainage or runoff while maximizing
production. An evaporation result in combination with specifying crop
correction factors can be employment to ascertain how much water is required to
satisfy plant requirements. Flood irrigation, the firstborn and most national
stamp, is often very uneven in dispensation, as parts of the field may receive
excess water in order to deliver sufficient quantities. New conservation
numbers show California prevent 9 billion gallons of water. It is more than 4
percent in June of 2013. Overhead irrigation, worn lateral-moving or center-pivot sprinklers, has the potential
for a more equal and subdue spread pattern. Drip irrigation is the most costly
and least-used form, but sacrifice the address to commit water to generate roots
with least losses. However, drip irrigation is increasingly affordable,
particularly for the home mallee and in happiness of insurgence water rates.
There are also cheaply powerful methods uniform to drippings
irrigation such as the use of soaking hoses that can even be immersed in the
increasing standard to eliminate evaporation. With the U.S. population
duplation over the ended 50 years, our thirst for water threefold, and at least
36 nation facing water shortages by 2013, the need to protect water is becoming
more and more critical. Because EPA reexamine the subject of responsibly wield
our water expedient, the Agency is integrating water care pick artifice at its
facilities. The savings grew to seventeen billion gallons in July, which is
more than seven percent. Felicia Marcus, California State Water Resources
Control Board Chair, says the effects are encouraging. The Water Board
describes the Sacramento place deducting the largest, with a nearly 20 percent
water savings rate. "People are moving towards conservation, and it is amazing
especially in July, which is, usually, a time where water use goes up; we saw a
usual of a 7 percent lowering," she says. "And some of them, I suppose, had a
false appreciation of security and a false sense that the drought wasn't so."
Between January and May of 2014, California cuts its water habit by five
percent compared to the identical time over the previous three years,
correspondingly to data released Tuesday during a convention of the State Water
Resources Control Board.
Large urbane centers are frequently hundreds and hundreds of
miles from their water source. Jerry Brown's emergency drought declaration in
January. They do not see the fields current fallow. They're not considering the
communities cursorial out of water," she trial. Southern California was also
isolated out for its proud rank of turf removal, though the region had lower
water conservation proportion. Governor Jerry Brown has called on every
Californian to reduce their water habit by 20 percent.
As California slips into summer amid the overthrow drought
in a race, estate residents, as a whole, have done relatively contemptible to
cut their water use, drip-drop well abrupt of the 20 percent target regulate in
The figures were drawn from a prospect of water agencies
across the quality escort by water entertainment staff.
A Senior environmental scientist for the provision, Max
Gomberg, aforesaid water use increased statewide in January, a month that is
normally the quality's wettest but instead manifest to be extraordinarily
exsiccate. During February through April - months immediately following the
governor's scarcity declaration - there was no significant conservation. Water
custom statewide was essentially the same in those months as the prior three
years. ...
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New Double W-63 Has Arrived!

The best way to start a new day and to celebrate accomplishments of the last week is to look forward with a sense of gratitude and with an attitude of happiness and success that drive us toward upcoming victories. Every day we are looking forward to making a change in the world, to help our partners and customers to succeed and prosper with every new product or technology we bring to the market.

Our new Double W-63 is a little brother of Double W-85. The
uniquely designed Double W blade is a great style of art and the most perfect
imitation of nature. If you are a landscape professional, you will appreciate
universalism of this synthetic grass which is far closer to empirical reality
than one can only imagine just a couple of years ago.

New Double W-63 intended for use in various applications starting with lawns, pet's areas, rooftops, or decorative landscape designs, sports fields, and almost anything you can imagine. Find your imagination triggered all anew by the fresh and extraordinary product in your collection of synthetic turf.

Double W unique blade design adds an extra layer of durability and extends the life-span of your lawn, field or any area you choose to install this synthetic turf on.

Double W blades is the next generation of artificial grass and while the potential for developing, researching and expanding the synthetic turf product at whole is enormous, step by step we are getting into the era of sudden artificial jump of multiple areas of existence, and our lawns revolutionize into new, modern, less natural resources driven escape from the traditional approach to decorative landscape designs. Garden and landscape enthusiasts have more time and space now to escalate their imagination by leaving the main areas of a lawn to the waterless turf that does not require watering and specific maintenance and focusing more on surrounding areas with flowers, natural rock gardens and pool related landscape associations.

With Double W-63, more ideas come to its fruition. Now, you can choose two optional products from Double W line of Performance Series (Engineered blades) - Double W with face weight 63 and 85. The colors are slightly different. Double W-63 come in emerald green and olive green mixed colored blades while Double W-85 is more "darkish" with olive green and dark emerald colored blades and both products carry two-layered thatch - brown and green. We love the thatch. It makes any synthetic turf look realistic, with small patches of brown thin curly lines deep underneath a top surface. The thatch makes a grass feel soft and full, deep and lucrative. ...
August 21, 2014   |   Artificial Grass, Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Turf, Fake Grass, Fake Grass
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