Why Zeofill? GST Environmental Impact

It seems that everywhere you turn
these days' new industries and their products are making a huge impact on our
everyday lives. That old and archaic style of greed is out... and its
successor, is a forward facing, globally conscience, do-gooder who really does
care about what is "right" and not just about the "right now". The
synthetic grass industry is an excellent example of businesses staying
competitive while also maintaining a sense of that impact they have on the
entire planet.
At AllGreen Grass, we agree that
the best way to inspire positive change is by setting a good example to those
around you. So, "Hat's Off!" to Zeofill and the City of Los Angles for
implementing positive change by using Zeofill Infill because of its
organic status and purity!
Zeolites is a nature's miracle. Microporous
minerals are formed in places of reactive sites of volcanic rocks and ask
layers with alkaline water. Most generic brands don't use pure zeolites simply
because pure minerals, formed over thousands of years, are not easy to obtain. It
is really not a good idea to use contaminated by other minerals such as quarts,
metals and clays, zeolites. Zeofill partners used volcano ash for many years. We
highly recommend their products to anyone who cares about environmental safety
and longevity of their lawn.
We have always valued Zeofill partners
because like Zeofill we are also committed to quality and always stand behind
our products. After all look who we have standing beside us! ...
June 24, 2014   |   Safety, Safety, Pure Water, Pure Water
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