Artificial Grass New York, NY

The first day of school for New York sports players will be
an adventure because of their newly installed artificial grass sports fields. This year's New York high will have less of players injuries and
more of winning games. Nevertheless, many of parents and directors question if
synthetic turf was a right solution to go by and how does it impact health and
Many are questioning the benefits of having a synthetic turf
in New York City. Couple of years back, the New York City Park's players noticed
the deterioration of the field. "It's been like this for five years,"
a player points out the problem and the open seams, torn patches and wavy folds
in the artificial turf at their park. Referees for public school league games
already boycott two artificial-turf fields' games, citing fears of liability.
The New York is noticing these problems and working on the artificial field
upgrade. However, the reasons behind city's replacement plan to artificial
grass are obesity, maintenance and water, which automatically will elevate cost
savings on field sustainability. Artificial turf is part of a plan of New York
City blueprint for environmentally friendly futures, and to inform their
residents is the key to successful installation of artificial grass in the

New York City Parks Department (NYC Department of Health and
Mental Hygiene) uses different kind of synthetic turf depending where it will
be used. Most of the synthetic turf fields that they put contain crumb rubber
infill along with padding and drainage systems. Other synthetic fields are made
of carpet-style materials. According to the New York City, currently, about 136 of the Parks Department's 800 athletic
fields are composed of synthetic turf material with 99 crumb rubber infill, 19
alternative material infill, and 16 carpet-styles. There are also 19 small play
areas with 15 crumb rubber infill and 4 carpet-style, which are often located
within playgrounds, that are made of synthetic turf surfaces. The potential for
significant exposure to the chemicals in crumb rubber is very low. Like asphalt,
the crumb rubber in synthetic turf fields absorbs heat from the sun and gets
hotter than dirt or natural grass. On hot days, some synthetic turf fields may
be too hot to play on. To protect yourself from the heat, consume plenty of
water, wear light and loose fitting clothes, always wear shoes, and take breaks
often. A synthetic turf field does not cause bacterial infections. Majority of
bacterial infections are caused due to physical contact and sharing
contaminated towels, sports equipment and sports drinks bottles. New York
coaches at schools and everywhere in states should be aware of the potential
bacterial transmission and infection among athletes. The NYC Department is
currently working on using carpet-style and alternative infill material on all
new fields, replacing NYC parks with new synthetic turf field and placing
strict protocols to select the best synthetic turf.
Confident of what New York City is doing for its community, Notre
Dame High are renovated their Brewer Memorial Stadium with artificial turf
instead of grass, installed a new track, new bleachers and a new press box,
that represents another win for the program. "It was a lot of work, but
it's simply beautiful," said high school coach, entering his 33rd season
as Crusaders. " One of the nicest facilities I've seen around and
certainly in Section 4." After the last finishing touches around the new
artificial grass field, the players where satisfied with the comfort and the natural
look of the synthetic grass.
To see installation images go to our synthetic turf gallery. ...
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Artificial Grass Business Booming In North Texas!

that manufacture or install artificial lawns are experiencing a boom in
business, due to the drought-like conditions and watering restrictions in many
North Texas cities.
But the
synthetic lawns today aren't the same plastic AstroTurf made popular in the
1970s. The products on the market now, are not just used for putting greens and
football fields either.
Tim Dvorak,
owner of the company Synthetic Grass Pro, and gets calls every day from
homeowners inquiring about artificial grass.
"I discussed
this with many turf manufacturers, that's a big thing they notice. As soon as
there are drought restrictions, watering restrictions, or an ordinance like the
City of Dallas two-days a week restriction, it really just makes this industry
explode," said Dvorak.
synthetic lawns are made to stay cool underfoot, drain water well, and last for
10-15 years. The products come in different shades of green, different
textures, and mimic different varieties of natural grass. Choosing artificial
can be expensive upfront: prices range from $7.50 to $15 a square foot.

homeowners with artificial grass installed in their yards feel that the
investment was worth it.
"The initial
cost is expensive, but it's already paid for itself over the four years. Not
having to re-sod it, not having to water. The yard guys[come less often].
So it's more than paid for itself," said Dvorak.
homeowners can be skeptical at the beginning, until they see the fake grass
Not all
cities in North Texas are on board with artificial grass, though.
Frisco does
not allow artificial turf at this time, and many homeowners' associations have
Park passed an ordinance restricting artificial turf to back yards.
Other cities, however, have no rules in place limiting
synthetic grass. Those cities include Dallas, Arlington, Denton, and University
Park. ...
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Tools You Need to Install and Maintain Artificial Grass

Artificial grass accessories are often overlooked,
when in reality some of the accessories are very useful. Some of the
accessories include the easy seam machine, Zeo-Organic fill, and the turf

The EasySeam machine is a handheld electric tool that melts adhesive
using a pre-programmed heating cycle.EasySeam doesn't get hot and there is no grass damage from the heat. It never touches the adhesive, therefore never makes a mess. It provides
a consistent low-profile seam. Overall, it's very easy and convenient to use.

The Zeo-Organic fill is a safer alternative to silica sand. It traps and
controls odor and absorbs moisture very quickly. ZeoFill is designed to
eliminate odors from pets by not allowing ammonium to convert into the gas
which is the primary odor-causing agent in pet urine.

The Turf Groom has a flat
head and a polished pine handle. No frills, just an excellent and durable rake.
It eases the cleaning of your artificial lawn. Nylon tines help maintain the
turf without damaging it. Extend your lawn life and your investment. You can
use these rake to spread an infill, to clean up your lawns, or just to fluff up
the blades of turf. This is a "must have" tool for every artificial
lawn owner.
course we haven't covered all of the accessories! These are only three examples
of many that are available on the market. You can find all of them right here
under our accessories tab. AllGreen Grass, as always guarantees competitive
pricing for both artificial grass and accessories. ...
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Best of Hayward Awards For Lawn & Garden

AllGreen Grass - Artificial Lawn Distributor has been selected for the 2014 Best of Hayward Awards for Lawn & Garden Equipment. ...
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